How to get your 2nd marketing hire right and why this is the most important marketing task facing companies today

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May 30, 2022 6:19:25 PM

The one-person marketing department is on the rise.

In most SME maritime businesses marketing is the job of one person. Based on my experience of the sector, I would say the one-person marketing department is in place in around 75% of maritime SMEs.

Your one-person marketing department is often extremely effective.

They are likely to be multi-skilled, with great organisational skills, a knack for picking up new things and a drive that makes things ‘move’ through the business.

They are also often under-resourced, somewhat overworked and quite possibly overwhelmed.

Marketing activity builds over time, so as new initiatives, technologies and creative opportunities are identified your one-person marketing department receives an ever-increasing to-do list.

If you have a good one then you probably love your one-person marketing department, but ask yourself honestly…

  • Are you, if you were being really honest, asking a bit too much of them? 
  • Because of their ever-increasing job list, are you really getting everything you need from them? 
  • Is your marketing developing in the right direction or is it just about getting by on the ‘business as usual’ activity?

What many of those 75% businesses have is a question of how to scale.

The one-person marketing department has been so good for so long, but now how do you take the next step?

Adding to your team can seem daunting, particularly if you have no marketing experience yourself.

Are you better off hiring someone with PPC experience, or someone who can write code, customising aspects of your marketing to be bespoke to you?

What about someone with expertise writing maritime content, so you can boost your content marketing efforts, or maybe a technical marketer with experience of the systems you use?

The choice is endless and so are the costs.

On top of a new salary and the cost of hiring your new marketing team member, you’ll also need to provide office space, equipment, perks, training, holiday pay, pension contributions and more.

Getting your second marketing hire right can be costly. Getting it wrong can be more costly still.

There is another way and recently we’ve launched a page all about your next marketing hire here.

We operate as a virtual marketing force for our clients, scaling up or down as needed, delivering instant value, without the overheads of another team member or full marketing department.

When it comes to your second marketing hire, we honestly think this is the right way for most maritime SMEs.

At the point you’re ready to scale you need answers, not more questions.

You can expand your operations, without expanding your overheads.

You can also find easy answers to the difficult questions of who you should hire. As a team of multi-disciplinary experts, you’ll get access to our many years of marketing and maritime experience.

So why not have a chat with your ‘2nd marketing hire’ today?

You can book a brief call with me here.

Treat our call as an ‘interview’, if you would like.

All important hires should be asked the important questions and we think we’re in a good position to provide the important answers.