How widely used is HubSpot amongst maritime start-ups?

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Cutting edge maritime companies are turning to HubSpot… but why? How do the best and brightest new businesses in the sector use the software to their competitive advantage?

The list of major maritime companies using HubSpot is growing rapidly. 

With our extensive work in the sector, and with HubSpot, it seems that barely a day goes by without us hearing about or talking to another company that’s put HubSpot to good use in their growth plans.

Cutting edge names like CyberOwl and Spire, along with many others, rely on HubSpot to deliver a range of services. What are they and why should the sector at large consider HubSpot for their needs?

Single source of truth for sales, marketing, customer service and more

We work in a complicated sector which understandably places a high value on clarity. 

HubSpot combines sales, marketing, customer service, business intelligence and more into one single source of truth, providing almost unparalleled insight and convenience.

Businesses in the sector deploying HubSpot report that they can find answers to key questions quicker, that departmental cooperation and coordination increases and that, because of those things, the speed of their growth also increases.

Having everything in one place removes ‘islands of data’ issues and provides businesses with the certainty they need to make business critical decisions.

Cutting edge meets cutting edge

Cutting edge businesses want to work with cutting edge tools. HubSpot is just that.

Constantly developed, with a huge spend on R&D, the company is constantly looking to improve the software and provide the latest CRM, sales and marketing tools to their customers.

Advanced maritime businesses put these technologies to good use. The new Operations Hub within HubSpot allows easy data syncing between different programmes and apps, streamlining data across entire operations. 

Don’t just take our word for it…

Rivertrace is the market leader in the oil in water monitoring space. We spoke to Director of Operations Martin Saunders about why they use HubSpot.

“Historically, we used separate systems for CRM, e-mail marketing and CMS for the website. We wanted to have this in one place. We have been ‘blown away’ by the speed and thoroughness of the implementation and are already seeing a return on investment after two months.”

Martin believes HubSpot has helped Rivertrace to find the following KPI improvements.

  • 30% Increase in number of users on the website
  • 97% increase in marketing qualified leads
  • 28% decrease in number of sales admin hours
  • 88 days to achieve return on investment

Learn more about maritime technology start-ups and HubSpot

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