Maritime marketing teams: the secret to your success is much simpler than you think

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When we speak to maritime marketing teams and review their marketing technology, there’s one factor that consistently separates success and failure.

The plethora of marketing software available for maritime businesses to purchase has reached such a peak that a new word has been invented to describe it. ‘MarTech’ refers to the ‘marketing technology stack’ that your team deploy in pursuit of your lead generation goals.

In any given business your ‘MarTech stack’ might include a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database, a Content Management System (CMS), to control your website, and analytics tools, like Google Analytics to look at your data. 

Then there’s email marketing software, reporting software, traffic tracking software, sales pipeline software and SEO tools. The list goes on.

Before you know it you’ve got a piece of software for every channel of your marketing efforts and none of them talk to the others.

In fact, the odds are that your MarTech stack is a bit of a mess and a major pain point in your business..

On a fairly consistent basis we find MarTech stacks built from disparate pieces of software, which provide only fringe benefits, don’t share data easily with one another and supply limited relevant true insights to drive improvements or efficiencies.

Managing the MarTech is, in some cases, a full time job in its own right.

So here’s the ‘secret’ we’ve learned that generally separates marketing departments who are doing well and only need help getting better, from those that are underperforming.

The less software you use, the easier it is to manage. The easier your MarTech is to manage, the more productive work you get done. The more productive work you get done, the more success you have.

Creating a single source of truth

And that’s not all. We also find that those marketing departments with a complicated MarTech stack struggle to get to ‘the truth’.

They might know their email delivery rates, but have no idea which clients both received an email and made an enquiry.

They probably know their traffic levels, but not when those traffic levels are full of prospects who have deals in their pipeline.

Getting to a single source of truth is always difficult in these scenarios and often impossible.

MI reports in these businesses often show some, but not all of the information they should and run the risk of inviting misleading conclusions

The CRM as your single source of truth

The good news is that there is an answer.

Your CRM is likely to be your most complete treasure trove of data. Data drives marketing decisions, so harnessing that data and centering your marketing around your CRM can pay dividends.

maritime crm old way

Personalisation, across every channel, drives engagement, creates great customer experiences and increases your chances of being noticed.

But you need data to create personalisation, which is why your CRM is so important and the central point of your marketing.

By building your CRM into a platform, where all of your MarTech can talk to each other and see the valuable data you have, you can both make the business of marketing easier and create the single source of truth your business strives for.

Complicated MarTech stacks cause issues for businesses time and time again, but professional CRM-fronted platforms drive growth, engaging high performance marketing teams and generating sector-leading results.