The growth of every business starts with a Zoom call

1 Minute Read

The much-derided Zoom call still connects the sector and drives growth… let’s do more of them.

At the start of 2022 I made it my mission to get onto more Zoom calls. This might seem counterintuitive. With workplaces back open again, after shutting during the Covid pandemic, the future seems to be more hybrid working. 

But, as a global sector, our industry has valued and embraced video conferencing more than others. I’ve certainly learned a huge amount over Zoom calls over the past 24 months, whether that be from maritime businesses anywhere in the world or from marketing connections and peers that have been good enough to share their time.

If you consider the last 24 months in your own business it’s reasonably likely that any form of positive change started with a Zoom call. Your major new client, a new supplier who helped you to cut costs or offer something new, a consultant who helped you to streamline your processes; growth and positive change has started with the humble, free Zoom call.

So this year I want to do more Zoom calls, not less.

I want to have that same feeling again of having spent 15 minutes learning something new about someone new and a new business I didn’t know existed.

I want to use Zoom to make the sector seem smaller and more connected. If you feel similarly then… let’s jump on a Zoom call!

Here’s what I can bring from my side;

  • How we increase leads for maritime businesses
  • How we improve Google ranks for maritime businesses
  • Why we think making sales and marketing processes clearer and more transparent for maritime businesses makes a huge difference to your growth rate
  • How we work to make your core metrics more visible across the business and the change this data can help to bring.

I’m happy to share my tips and thoughts in those areas, because that’s where our clients say we add the most value. What can you bring to a call?

Where do your clients say you add most value? I’d love to hear more about it.

So, join me, on a Zoom call, which, far from being yesterday’s news, is today’s route to growth. You never know who you’ll chat to and where it will take you.

As Bob Hoskins once said; “it’s good to talk”.