What every maritime CEO should ask their marketing department or agency

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It is 100 years since John Wanamaker, the successful US merchant and forefather of marketing, decried the state of his advertising data.

Sadly for many maritime companies the Wanamaker quote could have come directly from a recent board meeting.

But things are changing.

Senior management in maritime companies are demanding more insight into their sales and marketing operations. They know that those departments are the engines of the business and they know now that there should be more data available than ever before.

Every marketing team should now have access to data that can drive decisions. And if you don’t right now, then it’s time to find it, because the questions from the CEO are on the way.

Whether you are an in-house marketing team or an outsourced agency, or if you’re a board member of a maritime firm, looking for the right questions to ask, this checklist covers a list of queries that will help you to grow faster.


Website performance

  • How are visitors engaging with my website?
  • How many page views has our website had this month?
  • Are we meeting our page views target?
  • What are our most popular landing pages for conversions?
  • How is the website performing compared to previous periods and years?
  • Does the website help the overall goal of generating leads? How many leads does it generate?

Traffic sources

  • What traffic sources are bringing visitors to my website?
  • Where are my new website visitors coming from?
  • How are visitors accessing my website?
  • From what countries are visitors accessing my website?
  • Which traffic sources created the most contacts for my business?
  • What do we need to do to improve traffic from sources where traffic is currently low?


  • What articles are the most popular?
  • What premium content receives the most downloads?
  • What content do our target accounts read?
  • What type of content created the most contacts?

Visitor data

  • What percentage of our web traffic is from existing customers?
  • Have any of the companies that we’ve recently quoted visited the site? If so, which pages?
  • How engaged are visitors with the website?

New conversions

  • What percentage of this month's web traffic have we converted into leads?
  • How many ship owners, operators or managers are new to our CRM this month?
  • What type of content most often creates new contacts for our database?
  • How many contacts are we creating on a daily basis?

LinkedIn (Free)

  • How many new contacts in our CRM can be attributed to this month's LinkedIn activity?
  • What revenue can be attributed to this month's LinkedIn activity?

LinkedIn (Paid)

  • What’s the total amount spent on our LinkedIn campaign?
  • What’s the overall conversion rate?
  • How many of our target accounts viewed it? How many clicked on it? How many converted?

Google Search

  • What percentage of our site traffic is coming from search?
  • What are our top 5 performing keywords?
  • What are our competitors top performing keywords that we’re not ranking for?
  • What keywords are our customers searching for? Are we ranking for these?

Google Ads

  • What’s the conversion rate on our recent campaign to target all of our target accounts?
  • How many contacts became customers from a conversion on an ad?
  • Which of my ad campaigns have the highest and lowest costs per click?
  • Which of my ad campaigns have the highest and lowest costs per new contact?
  • What is the total ROI from our Google Ads campaigns over any given period or campaign?

Media Campaigns

  • Which campaigns created the most contacts?
  • How many contacts are on my target accounts? What are their buying roles?

Email Marketing

  • What is our email marketing open rate? How does it compare with industry averages?
  • How many contacts make a purchase after interacting with our emails?
  • How many total emails have we sent in any given period and what is the engagement rate of those emails?



  • What percentage of our database have we sold to?
  • What’s the average fleet size of our customers?
  • Do we follow-up with contacts who interact with our marketing material? How many of these have we contacted this month?
  • What percentage of our database meet our target contact or company criteria? What percentage are potentially ‘ideal customers’?
  • What does the data tell me about customers who are more likely to buy? Are there certain characteristics or interactions with our marketing that makes a customer more likely to purchase or to purchase more?


  • What’s the total amount in our pipeline? What's the probability of this closing over the next 30 days?
  • What’s the success rate of our proposals? (Created v closed won)
  • What’s our top selling item?
  • How many new proposals have been sent this week?
  • Who brought in the most revenue from recently closed deals?
  • How much time, on average, are deals spending in each stage of our pipeline?
  • How much are my products selling for on average?