With great (marketing) power, comes great (marketing) responsibility

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Jun 15, 2022 11:58:27 AM

Who is truly responsible for your marketing?

Is it your marketing department, whether they are one person or ten people?

Is it your web agency?

Is it the Marketing Director or the CEO who takes ultimate responsibility, when things succeed or fail?

Where does your PR agency fit into this?

Who can you point to and say: “you are responsible for and have direct control over everything that impacts our marketing results?”

Spider-Man has been teaching our children about power and responsibility for quite some time.

A quick Google reveals that the adage ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ actually dates back to the 1st Century BC, so it would be fair to say that Spider-Man can’t claim it as his own and that even the very oldest amongst us probably have some familiarity with its meaning.

The message of the adage is, of course, that if you have the tools, skills and knowledge to do something meaningful then it is incumbent upon you to use them and use them well. 

This is true of superpowers, the 1st century sword of Damocles or, yes: marketing.

But in my conversations with many maritime businesses I often find that marketing power is democratised and marketing responsibility is diminished.

As a direct impact of this, marketing results within the sector are often below expectations.

Does the following story feels familiar?

A business needs a website, so they hire a web designer.

Website now looking presentable, they engage a PR company to carry out a PR campaign and build awareness.

The content is technical, as it often is in our sector, so a technical writer is brought on board to do the copywriting.

The landing page on the website (built by the web designer) isn’t quite right for the campaign’s needs, so someone else starts to tweak it.

Along the way it’s clear that the SEO of the page won’t help the campaign be seen, so an SEO expert is brought in to further change the web designer’s work.

Social media hasn’t got a look in to this point, but the campaign would benefit from some posting and that’s before we get onto paid advertising.

Who is responsible for the success of the above?

Perhaps the Marketing Manager coordinating it all will ultimately take responsibility for the success or failure of the efforts, but as they have very little day-to-day responsibility, could they honestly claim (or be blamed for) the results of any individual element?

You might have heard another adage to do with all sorts of business dynamics: ‘when everyone is responsible, no-one is responsible.’

This is what most marketing looks like.

The PR company is not responsible, because the landing page didn’t work.

The Marketing Manager isn’t responsible because the web design company didn’t do a good enough job.

The SEO company can’t improve things further because the PR company did not get them enough links.

And so on, and so on, and so on.

We think there is another way. 

Make us responsible.

We offer the full range of marketing services that we do, because we think this is the only way to wield the correct level of power and responsibility. 

When we develop your website, we’ll make sure the SEO works for any campaigns we plan as part of the strategy of developing a website in the first place.

We’ll manage those campaigns, handle press releases and put ads live at exactly the point the campaigns need them

Then, we’ll be responsible for the results. 

Not only that, because we’ve handled everything from beginning to end we’ve almost certainly saved you money on hiring various suppliers and individuals.

With great (marketing) power, comes great (marketing) responsibility.

We don’t take that responsibility lightly, which is why our clients have a completely different experience to most businesses in the sector.

Come and kick our tyres and see how we work for yourself.

You can book some time with me personally here for an initial chat about making us responsible.