Search Engine Optimisation

We make it easier for ship owners to find you and understand your products so we can turn them into your customers.

Website health

Auditing your website can determine whether or not it's optimised to achieve your traffic goals. We can improve it in a number of ways to increase performance. These tweaks can be the difference between page 8 and page 1 on Google.

Website structure

The structure of your website is paramount to your success on search engines. Your site needs to have a defined structure. Your users need this structure to navigate on your site and Google uses the structure of your site to determine what content is important and what is less relevant.

Keyword strategythat works

Keyword research will tell you what topics ship operators are searching for and how popular those topics actually are among your audience. We can also see what keywords are driving traffic to your competitors site. The keyword research findings will then help content planning which is key for any maritime marketing strategy.