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With expertise in web development, inbound marketing and a thorough understanding of the maritime industry we help ambitious companies sell more.
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We write content that shipowners 'want' to read

We know the shipping industry from the ground up and follow commercial and regulatory developments closely.

Because of this we can highlight the advantages and benefits of your products in a way that ship operators — your customers — can instantly understand and react to.

We distribute the content via well crafted websites and landing pages


The majority of ship operators start their purchasing research online. We ensure your website proactively works to turn more of your prospects into customers.

We do this through smart technology, our unique website development approach and years of know-how.

Landing pages

Conversion is what is important for us, this is why we distribute the content via well crafted landing pages, tweaking them based on visitor behaviour data so that they continuously generate high quality leads.

We get you ranking higher on Google

When ship owners are researching they turn to search engines for a solution that you can provide.

We make sure you are ranking on Google for the keywords that will drive ship owners to your website so you can turn them into your customers.
“Our search rankings improved within 8 weeks”
Martin Saunders, Rivertrace

We increase your site traffic


Google Ads
Your customers are searching for a solution that you can provide. We help you rank organically but there are times when Google Ads can really boost conversions.


Social Media
Social media is crucial for connecting you with ship operators in the maritime industry. We focus on Twitter and LinkedIn to create a strong sense of community that can be leveraged for ongoing success.


ShipInsight was conceived as a place where new and existing regulation and equipment and services could be put together in a way that hard-pressed operators could easily access and understand. Take advantage of this unique network.

We use best in class marketing software

We've mapped our maritime marketing service solutions to the HubSpot platform. Whether you've used HubSpot before or if you're new to the marketing platform we'll show you how to optimise it to help your maritime business grow.

We help you in the initial setup, onboard all staff and work alongside you and your team optimising it so that it produces the results you need.
HubSpot Marketing Hub
HubSpot Sales Hub
HubSpot Service Hub
HubSpot CMS

We help you convert leads into customers

We support you in managing the leads that you've generated so you can build relationships with your prospects.

We're experts in customer segmentation, lead scoring and marketing automation helping so your marketing and sales communications are tailored to every point in the customer buying journey.

We help you to make data-driven decisions

Get clear reports and analytics from everything you do. How many new leads came from ship owners with fleet size larger than 10? What sales came from your recent activity on LinkedIn? How many of your target accounts read your recent article or downloaded your guide?

We use data to measure the performance of everything we do. We share analytics, reports, and dashboards with you so together we can get a real picture of what’s working and what needs to be improved.


We help you attract visitors to your website.


We help you convert the visitors to leads.


We help you convert the leads to customers.

“I’d highly recommend the team at current. They just ‘get it’. Their knowledge of HubSpot, marketing and the maritime industry make them a ‘no brainer’ as a partner to improve a company’s marketing efforts.”

Martin Saunders • Operations Director


Increase in performance


Additional leads